Be Fit to Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with CrossFit

Training for Mt. Kilimanjaro

There’s a great article at the Crossfit Community about a girl named Erica Dohring who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount McKinley and Mount Aconcagua by the time she was 17 and her eyes were on Mount Everest to seal the deal befoCrossfit Trainingre she turned 18. This is an objective that many people never consider in there lives, not even some hardcore mountaineers would attempt Everest and she was only 17! After getting to 24,000 ft. she had to turn back – 5,000 ft. early. Although, this didn’t stop her spirits and she knew she was going to finish her climb at Mt. Everest.

Erica has been training ever since 2009 for her Everest climb, which takes place in March 2013. Since 2011 her training has been heavy on the CrossFit community in New England. She strongly believes that the CrossFit training is going to give her the strength she needs to master this mammoth mountain. She states in the article,

“After completing leadership classes at the American Alpine Institute in 2010 and doing CrossFit, Dohring says she now has the confidence, as well as the mental and physical strength she needs.”

Read the entire article here.

As a mountaineer, a master POSE running coach and a gym owner, Paul DeAngelis strongly encourages the CrossFit method of strength training. Find a CrossFit affiliate gym to prepare your mental and physical strenghth before you climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with us!

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