DAY 1 DEPART FOR AFRICA – Depart Canada for Kilimanjaro International Airport, Tanzania, Africa.
If you are not going to fly with KLM (which is the airline we suggest because they offer daily flights in and out of Tanzania) you must arrange your travel to ensure that you arrive in Tanzania by or before noon on DAY 3.

DAY 2 ARRIVE IN TANZANIA – Mountain Climbing Adventures (MCA) representatives, our mountain guides, will welcome you at Kilimanjaro International Airport and transport you directly to the hotel.

DAY 3 REST and ORIENTATION – This day is spent relaxing and recovering from your travels. You will have an opportunity to meet the rest of the Kilimanjaro team and our mountain guides.

This is your time to relax and explore a bit as you stroll around Moshi.

Afternoon ORIENTATION – We’ll meet as a group this afternoon. Your guide will have a trip briefing and review your equipment. You’ll be responsible for packing your own mountain gear into a duffel bag (up to 30 pounds) that the porters will carry. You’ll also leave one bag with travel and safari clothes, etc. at the hotel in storage.

DAY 4 JUNGLE EXPLORATION Hike to 9,000 feet – After a short drive through beautiful grasslands and scattered villages, we arrive at the forest edge of the Umbwe Gate. From here we will walk through the undisturbed lush jungle to our camp just above Umbwe Cave for the night. Our Tanzanian guides will share their knowledge of the local ecology as we walk through fantastic plants and trees, listen to exotic birds and see other mysterious wildlife. With luck we may see Colobus monkeys. Our tents will be set up when we arrive and we’ll enjoy hot tea and snacks in the dining tent.

DAY 5 BARRANCO HUT Hike to 12,500 feet – Your guides will greet you at your tent as you awaken with tea and hot water for a quick wash before breakfast. We will take our time walking through the forest so that we can acclimatize comfortably to the increasing altitude. We will see plentiful bird life and enjoy amazing views in the jungle. Today’s hike will take us to the Barranco Hut. You will be amazed as our guides point out the unique environmental differences that characterize this equatorial zone.

*itinerary may change

DAY 6 GREAT BARRANCO WALL Hike to 14,500 feet. Camp at 12,500 feet. – Today we will climb to over 14,500 feet in the Great Barranco Valley and then drop back to 12,500 feet. This day is great for acclimatization. We’ll camp again at the Barranco Hut.

DAY 7 KARANGA VALLEY Hike to 14,300 feet – After breakfast, we will slowly hike to 14,300 feet, to the top of the Barranco Wall. This will be our first introduction to the Alpine Zone where the only plant life is the hardiest of grasses and lichens. We will have a spectacular views of the south face of Kibo. Views from this valley include the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. Mount Meru and the surrounding valleys – all of which are equally impressive.

DAY 8 BARAFU HUT Hike to 15,700 feet – This camp is famous for its absolutely magnificent sunsets that illuminate the African sky. We will ascend an extra hour to Table Top rock. Here we will have amazing views of Mawenzi, which is Kibo’s sister peak. We will make our camp, early dinner and rise around midnight for our summit push.

DAY 9 SUMMIT DAY Hike to 19,344 feet – We will follow a picturesque back route for our final ascent accessing an exclusive and rarely utilized summit footpath that offers access to isolated and undefiled natural areas and remarkable views of east Africa’s peaks and plains. The summit leg of the journey is timed to reveal views of a new dawn over Africa. With views of Kenya to the North and Tanzania to the south, this rare vision has been seen by few and is a lifetime treasure.

At midnight we climb up towards the crater rim – a non-technical climbing route to the edge of the crater floor. We will leave the crater rim and hike to the top of Uhuru Peak. From here it is just a ten-minute hike to Uhuru Summit, the highest point in Africa at 19,340 feet! We arrive at the summit and are rewarded with clear views before midmorning clouds roll in. We will bask in the glory of our accomplishment, grab a bite to eat and enjoy the breathtaking views. This is a great opportunity to take lots of photos. After our summit celebration we will begin our descent past Barafu Hut and down to Millennium Camp. A celebratory feast will be served and, after descending 9,000 feet, you will feel intoxicated by the oxygen-rich air!

DAY 10 FINAL DESCENT and CELEBRATION DINNER – Hiking time will vary depending on the trail conditions while traveling through the lush vegetation at this elevation. Rain can occur any time of year at this location and can make the trail muddy. Moving at a slower pace has it’s benefits and offers opportunities to have a good look at our incredible surroundings. Once we have descended the 4,500 feet to the road head, we will have our lunch and say good-bye to our mountain staff before heading off to the hotel. At the Hotel you can shower, relax and enjoy the serene setting. A Celebratory Dinner at the Hotel will complete this amazing adventure!

Summiting Kilimanjaro marks the end of one adventure and the start of another – you can choose to extend your stay by adding a safari and/or trip to the Island of Zanzibar.