Why MCA?

Mission Statement

Mountain Climbing Adventures (MCA) is committed to developing safe, self-reliant and environmentally conscious mountaineers and offering expeditions of unsurpassed quality throughout the world. Our mission is to assist climbers in achieving their personal goals.


All Mountain Climbing Adventures expeditions are carefully prepared. This means investigating quality climbs, selecting optimum routes, supplying top quality provisions, and developing safety programs for each journey. Before departing on any expedition we provide climbers with a wealth of pre-trip information and guides are available to answer questions. We realize helping climbers achieve personal goals starts well before the climb. We make great efforts to be accessible and respond quickly to all phone calls and email inquiries. Unlike many organizations, we plan and lead our own climbs. The majority of our team members come from personal recommendations and many are repeat climbers.

Leading cohesive groups is fundamental to our philosophy. Before any member joins our team, we require background information on conditioning and a climbing/hiking biography. This helps to ascertain each climber can be a safe team member and allows our guides to galvanize the most effective groups.

Client Care

Mountain Climbing Adventures recognizes that our clients are the ones that allow us to keep doing what we love, professionally. Because of that, your business is important to us and we want to ensure that every aspect of your MCA experience is an enjoyable one. Not only does MCA have experts in the regions that our client’s travel, but we also have a local contact who is here to answer all of your questions. Long before a client’s trip departs, MCA Area Specialists are preparing for their arrival.

All of the logistics for a smooth trip, down to the smallest of details, have been checked, double-checked and confirmed. Whether its equipment questions, training suggestions, recommendations for trip extensions or assistance with travel plans, our Area Specialist’s expertise lies in knowing the activities and regions we explore.

Safety Record

Our safety record stands as the finest in the guiding industry. When making decisions or organizing climbs, avoiding injury and sickness is our primary focus. By establishing a prevention program for each expedition we ensure your climb is as safe as possible. We encourage you to ask about our safety record on each trip.

World Class Guides and Staff

We believe that our incredible guides and staff are the foundation of our programs. All of our guides are highly skilled professionals who have been selected based on their technical proficiency, proven safety records, careful judgment, patient and supportive teaching styles and great personalities. At a minimum, all of our guides hold current Wilderness First Responder certification and are proficient in technical rescue and evacuation skills.

Our guides are dedicated to the world of alpine climbing. In addition to their impressive personal achievements in the field, MCA guides bring a wealth of natural history, cultural anthropology and linguistic knowledge for their group’s enlightenment. All of our guides and staff surpass the needs of our clientele and make their trip enjoyable beyond expectations. We celebrate the relationships with our oversea operators that are built on camaraderie and trust.

In short, we provide the most experienced and dedicated guides, high altitude sherpas, reliable porters, and staff for all of our trips.pri

Traveling Safely and Ethically

Your safety and comfort are tremendously important to Mountain Climbing Adventures. That is why we maintain the highest quality of service possible, from carefully designing itineraries for proper acclimatization, to upholding the most scrupulous sanitary standards while preparing and cooking meals. Our guides are trained for backcountry emergencies, educated in altitude sickness and well versed in the politics, cultural considerations and customs surrounding their region of travel.

MCA is deeply committed to maintaining ecosystems at home and around the world. With each expedition, we not only attempt to leave the environment as we found it, but strive to assist the local population in protecting the land and people indigenous to that region. MCA reaches for the highest ethical business practices at home and abroad. Each staff member is dedicated to environmentally sound alpine ascents.

As guests to the areas we encounter, MCA recognizes the magnitude of our environmental and cultural impact. It is therefore extremely important that our groups adhere to the “Leave No Trace” travel and camping techniques in passing through local and foreign lands. We endeavor to be role models for those around us and hope that our travels contribute to awareness and change needed for reducing the impact of future tourism.

Customized Itineraries to Meet Your Goals

Mountain Climbing Adventures is more than happy to custom design a trip or course to meet your goals. Whether it’s trekking the Himalayas, climbing Aconcagua or Kilimanjaro, MCA takes you to the pinnacle of your dreams! If you have an extension to an existing trip in mind, would like to travel with a private group, or if your schedule requires specific dates that we presently do not offer, we will do our best to Make It Happen.

Our trips and courses are designed to safely bring the beauty and excitement of adventure to those who pursue it. All of our trips are carefully planned to ensure proper acclimatization, maximum comfort, and nutritious gourmet meals. MCA maintains the vision of achieving serious, high quality guiding and instruction while having the most fun possible.