Aconcagua- Argentina

Located on the border of Chile and Argentina, Aconcagua stands at the center of an arid desert. Climbing Aconcagua one can witness breathtaking views across the Andes, eastward to the Argentine Plain, and westward to the city of Santiago, Chile.

At 22,830 ft, Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere and the highest mountain in the world that can be climbed by individuals without technical experience. Our climbing trip to Aconcagua follows the northeast buttress below the Polish Glacier. We ascend the mountain by establishing a series of progressively higher camps. For 12 to 14 days we will climb, carry loads and set camps, slowly narrowing the distance to the summit.

Life on the mountain is simple. We wake-up early, eat breakfast and enjoy a hot drink. If we are lucky, the sun’s rays will have melted the frosty brine that lines the tent walls before we escape outside. The job for the day is to carry essential cargo to our next campsite; after dropping it at the high point, we turn around and head down. On our return to camp, we melt snow for drinks and prepare our evening meal. The sunsets on Aconcagua can be an extraordinary display of violet streaked magenta, worth setting up your cameras for. Afterwards, it is off to a well-earned sleep.

Mighty winds and extreme temperature add to the challenge that has made a successful climbing and ascent of Aconcagua a badge of honor among climbers around the world.