Aconcagua Expedition F.A.Q.

What is the skill level of this climb?

While technical skills are not necessary, it is highly recommended that climbers should have completed our training session or equivalent.

What is the physical conditioning for this climb?

Climbers are expected to be in excellent physical condition.

Who is the guiding team composed of (How many guides? Climber to guide ratio?)

Our Aconcagua climbs never exceed a 5:1 climber to guide. Most trips have a 4:1 ratio. Additionally, we have the support of a Base Camp Manager.

What is the best season to climb? Which dates will have the most chance for success?

December through February is when the weather is most stable. High winds can occur any time of the year.

How many climbers are on this expedition?

Typically a group has between 6 to 8 climbers.

Will I be sharing a tent or lodging with other climbers?

On the climb you will be sharing expedition tents. You will share rooms on this expedition in town but you can pay a higher fee for single rooms. Contact our office for information on single room supplements.

How much will my pack weigh?

Your pack will weigh 50-60lbs.

What gear will I need?

Please review our equipment list.

How does your gear rental system work?

Some gear is available for rent from Canada or Mendoza. Please let us know in advance.

How is drinking water treated?

Water is boiled or purified using a chemical treatment.

What will the meals on the expedition be like?

Meals on the trek in and at base camp will include fresh fruits and vegetables. Light weight nutritious foods are prepared higher on the mountain.

Can I bring some food from home?

You may bring power bars or similar high energy foods. All meals will be provided on this climb.

Are there any inoculation requirements?

Not at this time. We do recommend you visit your doctor for the most up to date information.

What is the best air route to my destination?

Detailed flight information will be sent to you upon registration.

When should I book my flight? Do I need to use your Travel Agent?

Fares are generally less expensive when booked early. You may use our Travel Agent (Al Tarrant at Egan Travel: (905) 842-3263 or by e-mail at: oakville@egan.on.ca or book flights your self. Please send us a copy of your flight schedule as early as possible as this allows us to book pick ups and hotels.

What if I arrive early or depart late? Can you arrange extra night lodging? Is there a single room option for this expedition?

We are happy to make arrangements such as personalized tours, extra hotels rooms, airport pick ups and arrange for private rooms. Please indicate that you would like a private room on your application and we will contact you with information on single room supplement costs.

Are there any entry or Visa requirements?

Not at this time.

How much should I budget for this expedition? How much cash should I plan to bring?

$500 should easily cover any extra expenses. Most climbers prefer to bring about $1000 and have credit cards.

What happens if I need to leave the expedition early?

If a climber needs to leave early, arrangements can be made with the assistance our Base Camp Manager.