Machu Picchu F.A.Q.

What are the meals like? And where do we eat?

The mess tents are big enough for our teams. A breakfast could include eggs, bacon, oatmeal, toast, sliced fruits, tea and coffee. Lunch, usually eaten on trail, could include sandwich, oranges, trail mix and juice. The dinner could include chicken, soup, rice, pasta, mashed potatoes.

What if I get sick and cannot continue the trek?

Your health situation will be monitored at regular intervals throughout the climb. If for some reason, you cannot continue your trek, you will be assisted down by 1 guide. We are in constant contact with Cusco and can have emergency assistant available once a client reaches that point.

How is the drinking water?

Success or failure in any wilderness situation comes from a well hydrated trekker. All our campsites are beside a water source. From there our team will purify all your drinking water with the proper solution. This includes all water given to you to wash-up, to drink and what we use to cook all our food.

Who are your typical clients?

Our clients are professionals who are looking to enrich their lives. They are adventurous and they know their limitations well enough to appreciate our hiking pace, our focus on safety and our camp setup.

People always ask us what the age restrictions are. We have youths that climb with us as young as sixteen. We have seniors that have climbed with us the oldest being 66. We don’t necessarily put an age restriction on our clients. We look at each individual and their ability to successfully enjoy this experience. It is our goal to get everyone to the summit. But, during the way we create a positive enjoyable experience.

I’ve always wanted to hike the Inca Trail, but some people I know tried and did not have great success. I am discouraged by their horror stories.

This is because the Inca Trail is at altitude and there are those who fly into Cusco, who do not know what is involved and attempt to climb a trek over the high passes without every meeting or talking to their guide.

We prepare everyone before they ever arrive in Peru. We make sure they understand the basics of altitude sickness, have the proper paper work, check on training, and will proof all their equipment. We go further to have the best water and food, the best group equipment…etc. There are many horror stories. 100% of trekkers that have climbed with MCA will make there destination. This is from any responsible client and company working together to create the bond necessary to reach there goal.

Your price overpriced or under priced?

Inca Trail trips can run anybody $800 USD to $5000 USD. We know what it takes to provide a quality experience for anybody who would climb with us. There are guiding companies that pay for all their overhead. There is no need for either extreme. We run a business and expect to make a profit on each trip so we can continue to do what we love so much. But we are fair in what we offer to our clients.

I’m scared about high altitude sickness. How do I prevent it?

Our experience is in high altitude climbing. We know the symptoms and we know how to treat the symptoms. Our itinerary reflects this.

First, we educate each climber so they can communicate with the guides. We make sure each client is well equipped, well-hydrated. Our diet reflects the change in physiology that happens to all of our bodies. We have all the medication necessary to treat any mild or sever cases of altitude sickness. Each of our groups is equipped with oxygen and hyperbaric bag.

What is the best time to climb?

Climbing season for the Inca Trail runs from May to October. This big mountain that surrounds the valley can create its own weather that it can change very quickly. Your guides will constantly be monitoring the weather and make changes and adaptations as needed to the itinerary.

What are the camp sites like?

The choice of campsite is based on the number in the group and the best water source. Our camp includes our mess tents, clients’ tents, porter tents, cook tents and our portable toilets.

The campsites are for your comfort and safety. We take care to clean all our sites and leave no trace as to keep the environment pristine.