Saghro Massif

Period: October until the end of May


1st Day: Arrive at Marrakech, reception by our staff and then to your hotel.

2nd Day: From Marrakech we will travel through, Col de Tichka, Ouarzazate, Ait Saoune, Agdez, Tansikht, Nkob, and Hanedour. In Hanedour we spend the night in an inhabitant, 350 km traversed.

3rd Day: In the morning we depart Hanedour. In our sights today we visit, Assif n’Igue, Oasis Tifdassine, Irhazzoune n’ Imlass makes a nice camping spot. 5hr walk.

4th Day: Today we go through Tifdassine, Valley Amguis, Bab n’Ali, Ousdidene, and then camp at oasis Boualouz 5hr30min walk.

5th Day: We visit, Oasis Bouallouz, Valley Afourar, Oasis Igli, we will camp at Falaise Tassigdelt, at 2000m. 5hr walk.

6th Day: Today we visit Tassigdelt, Col Tassigdelt at 2200m, Sommet Kouaouch at 2600m, in Almou n’Ouarg we camp at 2300m. 5hr30min walk.

7th Day: We leave Almoun Ouarg to visit Iferd at 2450m, and then to Tislit n’Ouzerzam, Allili, Plateau de Tagdilte, Valley Dades, and Ouarzazate back to Marrakech at 350 km. 6-7hr walk.

8th Day: Transfer to airport.